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Smart Home

Smart Home
Innovative technologies, materials, and services for creating a modern and intelligent home.
Eco Oasis
Renewable energy sources and energy-saving systems. Water and air purification technologies, smart cities, and sustainable development
Intelligent Production Lines. Robotic technologies, automation, 3D printing, and innovative materials.
Intelligent Lines. Robotic technologies, automation, 3D printing, and innovative materials
Innovative Materials and Products
A platform for new technological materials and products. Companies showcase materials with unique properties and modern goods that meet market demands.

Benefits of Participation

Global Visibility:
Your company will gain international attention by showcasing innovative solutions. More than 15 countries have expressed interest in participating in our event
Business Connections:
НOver 15,000 interested visitors are invited to the exhibition. This presents an opportunity to establish strategic partnerships and business contacts with representatives of investment funds, experts, and leaders.
Innovative Trends:
Access to the latest technological trends in various industries, helping your business stay ahead of competitors.
Exhibition Presentations:
Participation in workshops and forums in front of a broad audience will significantly strengthen your image and increase your popularity on social networks.
Effective Marketing:
We launch an extensive advertising campaign to attract quality visitors, utilizing media resources, social networks, and outdoor advertising for this event!
We will create all the conditions for B2B networking and face-to-face meetings with potential clients, partners, and investors!


Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan
National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "ATAMEKEN"
IBC "Khorgos" International Center for Cross-Border Cooperation
International Transcontinental Corporation of Innovative Technologies
Association of Trade Markets of the city of Almaty